Welcome to my new Summer Series. These have been designed to coach, train and mentor you to take full control of your life and career this summer. Check out the series and hit the ‘add to cart’ button to book on!


Session One – Date 9th June 19:00- £39

Improve Productivity and Effectiveness – Want to stop procrastinating? Do you suffer from perfectionism? Do you need an extra few hours back in your day? This session is for you, jammed packed with practical tips and techniques you can implement instantly and get a result.


Session Two – Date 7th July 19:00 - £39

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs – Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome? Do you doubt yourself and struggle with confidence? Do you want to take a leap and try something new but something is holding you back? We unpack it all in this session and you will walk away with some powerful techniques to get out of your own way!


Session Three – 11th August 19:00 - £39

Goal Setting and Mindset – Do you ever struggle with what to do next? Which direction to go in or how to get off the starting blocks? This session focusses on changing your mindset and setting you up for success.


All Three Sessions - £100

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