Have you been left out on a limb?

Has your role been made redundant?

Has it been a while since you were on the job market and you don’t know where to start?

This programme is made up of two 1:1 coaching sessions.

The first will cover career goal setting and how to approach the job market.

You will have access to the ‘How to write a compelling CV’ and LinkedIn Courses.

Followed up by a 1:1 interview preparation session.

To get you ready for whatever the job market throws at you!

Sally is a true expert in the field of career coaching. Her style is open and warming, putting you at ease and allowing you to bring your whole self to the sessions with her. I’ve had a number of sessions with Sally where she has helped to guide me through career moves and progression in the company I have been with for ten years. These have presented complex decision making processes with a number of options often presented at the same time. I truly believe Sally helped me get to where I have enabling me to be brave, bold and see opportunities I may not have considered. I can’t recommend Sally enough.


Want to know more?

If you are not sure on which course best suits you or where to start, book for a free 30 minute exploratory call.