'Is Work Working?'

Are you thinking about whether or not career coaching is for you?

This freebie allows you to work through a series of eight fundamental sections that, for purpose of this exercise, make up your work life as a whole.

Try not to overthink your answers, instead think of it as a snap shot in time. How do you feel right now? Or if you’re not working, how did you feel before you left your job?

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    I engaged with Sally/SCOACH after working for the same company in the same sector for many years. The prospect of considering a career in another sector was somewhat  daunting to say the least. The coaching processes helped me understand the market and how I can approach it.  I have been fortunate enough to land a new role  early in to my coaching programme and also achieved a change of sector – something I thought would be unlikely at the start of my search. For me, I appreciated having an impartial sounding board and a knowledgeable ear.  I found the overall experience very positive.


    Head of Service Delivery Management

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